Our expertise in CNC machining

For over 30 years, we have been working at your service with a devoted team of experienced workers that work on a daily basis with some of the best equipment on the market.

Our equipment enables us to have a wide range of expertise and work in machining parts in many fields. Here is a list of all our areas of expertise, in which the efficiency of our management combined with our exceptional engineering allows us to be the trusted partner for your projects.


Industries Carpo specializes in precision machining of parts for a wide range of applications, including:
• Machining parts for medical equipment used in patient care
• Machining parts for bottling, packaging, and labeling equipment
• Machining components for prostheses



We help protect the working environment for various industries by machining safety-designated equipment components, including:
• Machining parts for lifting equipment
• Machining guard equipment and safety barriers
• Machining parts for rescue equipment



Industries Carpo offers expertise in the field of recycling and contributes to the green industry. Our company has experience in:
• Machining parts for granulators
• Machining knives
• Reconditioning granulators
• Machining parts for sorting, pellet washing, extrusion, and packaging equipment



Industries Carpo is an expert in the machining of precision components in the railway sector. It contributes greatly to the development of the sector by designing high-quality products, including:
• Machining components for locomotives
• Machining components for automatic doors
• Machining components for cars
• Machining components for security systems



For expertise in plastic, rubber, aluminum, and Zamak molding, you can count on Industries Carpo. Our company designs and manufactures products, including:
• Machining, repair and mold modification
• Machining for injection molding, compression molding, blow molding, rotational molding, and sand casting
• Machining of complex components for molds



Industries Carpo experts have the skills to machine automotive parts. Our team designs and develops components, for a wide range of applications, including:
• Machining of templates
• Machining of engine components (water pump, air intake)
• Prototype machining
• Machining of parts for electric motors



Industries Carpo has expertise in machining for the aeronautical field. This company designs components and products in:
• Machining of parts for surface engineering
• Machining of templates
• Machining of components for major customers



Industries Carpo exercises strict quality control over the manufacture of its parts for military equipment. You can count on this company for all your needs in:
• Machining of templates
• Machining of templates
• Prototype machining

Industries Carpo est fier de faire partie de la grande famille du Groupe Sarra-Max