Industries Carpo - Usinage de précision CNC
Industries Carpo - Usinage de précision CNC

Our precision CNC machining workshop

Industries Carpo is a precision CNC machining workshop located in Granby, serving businesses from Montérégie to Estrie. Since its establishment 30 years ago, Industries Carpo has evolved and perfected itself to become a major player in the field of manufacturing and modifying metal parts of all kinds, whether in small or large quantities. 

What sets Industries Carpo apart from the competition is, above all, our commitment to the quality and precision of the parts we manufacture. Moreover, with a reliable, dynamic and passionate team, each project is handled with attention to detail and perfection in mind. Each member of our team possesses unique expertise in the field of CNC machining, and this is reflected in the exceptional quality of our products. 

Our facilities are equipped with the latest high-precision CNC machining machines. As a result, we are able to meet a wide variety of needs in the production of custom parts. Whether you need components for the the automotive, medical, security, recycling, railway, molds, aerospace, or military industry, we will be able to complete all your projects. 

Over the years, we have developed partnerships with several companies. This has helped strengthen our reputation for excellence and reliability. Furthermore, our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement allows us to stay at the forefront of the machining industry.

Precision CNC machining workshop for series production of parts

Industries Carpo - atelier d'Usinage CNC
Industries Carpo - atelier d'Usinage CNC

Our CNC machining domains

  • Medical, food, pharmaceutical
    • Medical equipment
    • Bottling, packaging, labeling equipment 
    • Prosthesis component equipment 
  • Security
    • Lifting equipment
    • Guard and safety barrier equipment 
    • Rescue equipment 
  • Recycling-granulator
    • Machining of parts for granulators
    • Machining of knives
    • Granulator refrubishment
    • Machining of parts for sorting, granule washing, extrusion, and packaging equipment
  • Railway
    • Locomotive component
    • Component for automatic door
    • Wagon component
    • Component for security systems 
  • Mold
    • Injection mold, compression mold, blow mold, rotational mold, sand mold
    • Complex component for molds
  •  Automobiles
    • Jigs
    • Engine components (water pump, air intake)
    • Prototypes
    • Electric motor parts 
  • Aeronautics
    • Parts for surface engineering 
    • Jigs
    • Components for major clients
  • Military
    • Jigs
    • Part of military equipment
    • Prototypes

Carpo Industries join the big Sarra-Max Group family

Carpo Industries joins the Sarra-Max Group family. Carpo Industries passes to the hands of the Sarra-Max Group: a new...


History 2010 - Creation of Carpo Industries by a local company. 2014 - Carpo Industries invests heavily in the company. The reputation...

Industries Carpo est fier de faire partie de la grande famille du Groupe Sarra-Max