Carpo Industries join the big Sarra-Max Group family

Industries Carpo is now in the hands of Groupe Sarra-Max: a new administration, but the same quality services that have made the reputation of Carpo Industries for 30 years.

  • For the past 30 years, this company has been a standout in the precision machining of parts of all kinds. Whether in the railway, aerospace, medical, or automotive industry, Industries Carpo has expertise in these fields.
  • Usinage Maximum provides a comprehensive service for high-precision machining, repair, and welding, accompanying you from design to installation. Additionally, the team offers personalized and customized services for quality results. They offer manufacturing services at all levels, precision machining, gear manufacturing, and welding.
  • Foyers Fire-Max designs and manufactures custom, high-quality fireplaces, 100% Canadian. They also offer furniture to complement these fireplaces, such as benches, chairs, tables, towel racks, and more. Located in Boisbriand, the factory also manufactures custom fireplaces for relaxation centers, spas, hotels, or activity centers.
  • Aqua development, located in Mirabel, has been serving fish markets, grocery stores, and restaurants for over 35 years in the design and manufacturing of lobster tank. Whether standard or custom-made, the lobster tanks are used for storage, display, or decoration. The team provides various accessories necessary for the operation of the tanks and also offers repair and maintenance services for them.
  • Monorail Industries specializes in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty steel wheels with nine types of wheels that can reach up to 40 inches in diameter. Additionally, they are known for their forging products, unique heat treatment procedure, and precision CNC machining. This company has been operating for 65 years in the industrial, mining, forestry, railway, and hydroelectric sectors worldwide.